Llueve. Llueve día y noche.
Cómo sólo llueve en Asia.
Lluvia y reflejos.
Llueve sobre Taipei.

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Desperté. Me di cuenta de que por fin podía mirar por encima de la que creía ver.
Desperté al fin.

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Abundance Dinner

Abundance Dinne: Celebrate cabbage in dozens of dishes

The Abundance dinner celebrates the best dishes with White Cabbage that you've never tried before. From Hiroshima Yaki to a Super Skinny Thai White Cabbage Roll and a Roasted White Cabbage Steak, chef Thorwald Voss, has prepared a lavish cabbage dinner with dozens of dishes from 11 countries. Together with artist Arne Hendriks, he imagines a more balanced food system where not only economic value determines the value of our food. 7, 8, 9 and 10 February 2018 at Mediamatic.

Surplus, Value and Waste
It was a good year for white cabbage. In fact, the affluent cabbage harvest was too much for farmers to process for a fair price. Our current economic system has turned this perfectly eatable and nourishing foods into worthless surplus. Is it also possible to add value in a different way?

Arne Hendriks
For The Incredible Shrinking Man, Arne Hendriks set out a long inquiry into the possibility of shrinking and the consequences for humanity. As artist-in-residence at Rabobank, he proposes an economy in which we embrace shrinking.

Thorwald Voss
Chef Thorwald Voss previously cooked a lavish cabbage-only dinner in Lebanese style. The founder of Supperclub and international bitterbal expert travelled and cooked all over the world and uses this experience for the abundance cabbage dinner. For this cabbage dinner, he developed his first Sauerkraut-croquette.

Neo-Futurist Dinners
In the Neo-Futurist Dinner series, Mediamatic invites different artists to present their vision for the food of the future. In this way, we question the way in which food, art, science and politics intertwine.

All our Neo-Futurist Dinners are vegan. This dinner consists of dozens of dishes that appear on the table in different courses. In case you have any questions, regarding allergies, set up, or any other cabbage related theme, do not hesitate to send an email to neofuturistdinner@mediamatic.nl.

Neo-Futurist Dinners: Abundance Dinner

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Tediousphilia Book

"Thousands of young couples from every corner of the planet are setting up businesses, simply and quickly, from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Usually unemployed, affected by the hopeless crisis of our days, members of the "Facebook Generation" and unafraid of exposing their intimacy for few hundred bucks a week; these enterprising pairs offer sex performances online. Their virtual, on-demand peepshows can be found on several websites, where you can watch them waiting "ready to have sex for you" on live stream until the moment you decide to pay for action.

Tediousphilia Book
is a project in collaboration with the Art Director Ramon Pez, based on my photographic series which documents the boringness and tedium suffered by vernacular webcam sex-performer couples in the standby, before-sex moment in the not-that-virtual second-life."

Tediousphilia Book, by Laia Abril
Published by Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, 2014.

Me lo dijo Natalia Lázaro Prevost.

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Taiwán: Año 0


Últimos días en Madrid


Puerta del Sol