by Tina Paterson on 1.06.2012

In fact, this is a two-dimensional video image projected on a curtain of water vapor produced by an ultrasonic humidifier hacked onto a laminar flow nozzle made out of a bunch of drinking straws. Not strictly a hologram, but still a very cool thingum. It’s the work of Chris Weisbart, aka YouTuber ChristopherTalosian, and comes to us via Mike Senese, who provides this description:

Based on the concept behind commercial units, but using everyday items (drinking straws, scrap PVC pipe, a kid’s humidifier from the thrift store, some scrap computer fans), he rigged up a device that creates a thin, even sheet of vapor mist. Almost translucent, but able to catch the light projected onto it from a rear-facing projector — which gives an eerie, floating hologram effect…
A similar technique uses a piece of thin muslin as a screen, as for instance in this haunt-prop “Shining” twins illusion. [Thanks, Mike!]
Hologram demo using Kinect

De Make.