The operational turn

by Tina Paterson on 9.01.2009

A group of extraordinary soviet military theorist –including M. N. Tukhachevsky and Alexandr Svechin- was able to state the theoretical basis for the development of an “operational art of war” able to cope with the conditions of modern industrial societies whose inmense destructive and productive resources could hardly be deployed, confronted and exhausted neither in a single decissive old-style battle nor in a campaign which relied just on the speed and mobility of the devices and forces employed. What now mattered was the integration of successive and distributed operations over a wide front. This opertional art, or deep stategy as Triandafillov called it, would transform tactical battles into operational break-outs through the use of deceptions, supporting attacks, shock, maneuvre, and an intensive use of intelligence and counterintelligence. These theorists shared their belief in the disapparition of the decissive general combat and the research after some kind of mediation, some middle terms which could turn operative the general designs of strategy in their concrete tactical deployment... The operational turn.

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