I'm ok

by Tina Paterson on 9.29.2013

I'm ok.

As a child climb a ruined church. The floor had disappeared and I was very near death. I saved.

One day walking down the street a window fell into the ground from a Madrid's skyscraper. I was there. A meter separate myself from the tragedy.

I have luck. I'm ok.

I was very shy. My shyness made ​​me suffer, lose friends, jobs, trains. My life has been very hard until I started to not be afraid of the other, until I started to love myself.

I have luck. I'm ok.

The best things have happened to me without knowing the explanation. My decisions in life have not been such, have been the result or chance or a vast intuition I have. One day I started to walk the Camino for no apparent reason. It changed my life. Incredible, irrational, weird.

But I have luck.

I'm Ok. I feel happy for the first time in my life. I am honest, sincere, generous, funny, porn, ... finally. Never would have guessed that. But thanks to You I am.

I have a lot of luck.