by Tina Paterson on 3.24.2011

fabFood: an Open Urban Gastronomy, DIY  cooking and gardening, horizontally and vertically, high and low tech, sweet and sour!
Molecular cooking, food pairing, vacuum cooking, pasteurizing through High Pressure Processing… These are only a few examples of techniques that characterize the gastronomical evolution of today. Driven by technologies, both new and recycled from other fields, gastronomy develops at an infernal speed. However, most of these techniques are patented and exclusiveness becomes most important of all.
fabFood examines how gastronomical concepts can develop with open and shared Technologies. Based on machines, ideas and concepts that outline fabLaband timelab, fabFood doesn’t only present food, but investigates besides form and taste also how food can be grown , harvested and conserved in an urban framework. In this process fabFood connects with a network of international initiatives.
Soon fabFood will organize “cooking and technology”, “gardening and technology” (garduino…) workshops and sporadic gastronomical encounters. The roof garden will be equipped with Open Source DIY sensors, irrigation systems and other charming electronics.
fabFood is one of the fabCases that are developed at timelab. In those fabCases the social relevance of technology and the fabLab/timelab are investigated. These cases are part of the larger study on the development of a methodology about the relation between the fablab and timelab and its environment.