Menu for Companion Species performative dinner

by Tina Paterson on 10.24.2012

John O’Shea and Monika Bakke
at Apiary Studios, London
29 October 2012 | Performance begins at 7pm Sharp
First time ever in UK: black market pudding tasting.

Who is eaten by who, and when? You are invited in a performative dinner with the ‘liveliest’ menu.
Following a sold-out world premiere in the bio-art strand of Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences, guests at Hackney's Apiary Studios will experience a series of curious and bizarre dishes including: the famous ‘Black Market Pudding’ (made with the blood of a live pig), our notorious earthworm-stirfry and ‘Metabolic Soup’ (a living, bio-hazardous mixture, served at 37 degrees!)

Dishes will be prepared during the dinner and served to human and non-human participants, with some selected recipes and ingredients available to take away.This unique trans-species dinner (a UK first) will take place with the active participation of the audience who will be invited to attend selected courses throughout the evening.
No-one eats alone: this is why the question must be asked: how to ‘eat well’ among predators and prey, parasites and hosts?


John O’Shea