Sonic Wire Sculptor

by Tina Paterson on 8.08.2009

Pitaru playing live on the Sonic Wire Sculptor. 06/2008
The Sonic Wire Sculptor (2003) is a musical instrument as well as a traveling installation. When performed or exhibited, the SWS machine is placed in a room with 8-channel speaker system, for a surround-sound experience.

In the past 5 years the work has traveled worldwide to such cities as Tokyo, Barcelona, Linz, Montreal, and L.A. In every stop, visitors recorded their works into what has now become a library of thousands of sonic sculptors (video coming soon).

The next goal is to release SWS as software for various platforms. This was difficult to do until now because the original code was written for specific hardware. I simply didn't have the time to create a version that would not crash your computer.

Now, with the help of Zach Lieberman (openframeworks) and Zach Gage (synthpond) who are curently helping revive the Rhonda Project (which uses similar core technology), i'm positive the SWS will see the light of day soon!
Via Adoneo.